Harlo Mobile App
Product Branding




Client:  Axiata Digital Services Sdn Bhd
Year: 2017
Industry: Telecommunications
Region: Malaysia

Brand Logo

The whole brand concept is aligned with the notion of Harlo, as in a greeting. Hence we utilize the norm of people waving their hand as they greet to emulate a sense of intimacy and relativity of the audience towards the brand.

Harlo is




Brand Elements

To ease expression of Harlo‘s brand, we have created a set of colour palette to set tone for Harlo. We have also utilize the logo elements from Harlo to create a dynamic approach to its branding, enhancing playfulness and extension of possibilities that can be done with the brand elements.

Primary Colours

Secondary Colours



The stationery will have a more simplistic look as not to create any conflicts with the rich brand graphics.

Brand Applications

Utilizing brand elements that we created and arranged, we have also design visuals for Harlo if they were to be applied on different media.

We combined both images and vector graphics as a digitization representation where people are telling their stories in a digital world real time. The graphics will represent the things that cannot be done in real world but can seamlessly be augmented in digital world.

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