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CR8 (pronounced CREATE) is a Creative Agency that specialize in branding strategies and creative digital solutions. As a Think Brand First | Creative Agency, we assist ambitious businesses in creating value through design-and technology-based products and strategies. If you are ready to power up your momentum and willing to learn how the new generation thinks and works, it is time to connect brands with their target audience.

CR8 strategist experts have unrivalled experience in navigating issues that matter to you – because they also matter to us. We also provide Solutions That Deliver Performance. Each of our clients is unique in their own way. CR8 Consultancy also offers insights and actions that are relevant to your specific business goals.


We strive for long-lasting customer relationships. We wants to become the most valuable business partner among all our clients. We cooperate with our clients and help their business grow is our pride. Think about Branding solutions will think about CR8 Consultancy.


Understanding our clients’ customer base and shaping their brand evolution by identifying the brand is based on the experience of connecting users with what they want, rather than the other way around. We offer tried-and-true strategies to ensure that our clients’ businesses remain competitive now and in the future.




Our passion to provide the best solutions for our partners make us an avid learner. We believe each case has to be treated individually. There is no shortcut or one formula fit them all in our policy. For what is matter to you, also matter to us.



Social media, UI/UX, websites, mobile apps or digital advertisement material – we create a digital experience solution that perfectly measured and tailor made just for you.



Aesthetic value is not the only element that we are focusing on. It is all about making the products work. Our creativity goes beyond art. It is a combination of solutions, paired with thoughtful wordings, that accompanied our artwork. An innovation that making us a creative powerhouse.

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Ios Yin
Chief Executive Director

Account Manager

Arvind Emin
Business Development Manager

Alvin Ng
Senior Art Director

Senior Art Director

Wai Yeng
Junior Art Director

Poh Yee
Senior Multimedia Designer

 Senior Graphic Designer

Khaled Mohamed
Senior Performance Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing Executive


Marketing & Copywriter

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