Branding for NGO Organization



Stationary Design


Client: Volunteer Union
Year: 2020
Industry: NGO, Apparel
Region: China


Volunteer Union is an (NGO) organization to help more children with autism and others to establish a lifelong employment path. By creating sustainable social value for the paintings of people with mental disorders (autism, schizophrenia, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, etc.)

Brand Logo

Volunteer Union’s logo is derived from the combination of alphabets “V” and “U” (Volunteer Union) to form two individuals holding hands, the shape of a smiling face, a heart shape, flowers and a fortune cookie reflecting a meaningful, warm and happy logo.

Trademark Graphics

The logo expresses a hand drawn and watercolor brush strokes defining a natural painted effect, making the logo more friendly and natural with a human touch.


Volunteer Union’s brand aims to earn consumer’s trust, hence we stationed marketing materials where our partners are to create a long term presence.

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