High-quality visual with strong marketing message


Digital Advertising (FB & IG Ad, Google Display Network Banner)


Client: Sunway Property
Year: 2019
Industry: Property
Region: Malaysia


Sunway Property is the property division of the Sunway Group.One of Malaysia’s largest global property-construction enterprises, with operations in 50 countries and 12 industries. Over 200 international and national awards, demonstrating its ingenuity and capacity to balance financial performance with social and environmental concerns.


To produce visually engaging commercials and publicise the unique selling points of various real estate properties. Sunway Property‘s features and values in terms of providing a lifestyle, environment, and housing are highlighted. 


Interest targeting is used to create ads that match properties with unique qualities to target consumers who are interested in a certain lifestyle. Benefits and individual house features should be highlighted in the copy. To attract potential shoppers, promote limited-time offers and provide substantial discounts.

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