App UI Design


Mobile App UI


Client: Getcover
Year: 2017
Industry: Insurance
Region: Malaysia

App UI Design

Getcover wanted a clean yet rich UI hence we try to play around card based design to group and segregate the contents into their respective cards without disrupting each other, where the users can focus on what they have at hand.


GetCover App Ui Features

Below are some of the key features implemented and the design of user interface.

My Rewards

Getcover rewards its user for being in the know of the status of their insurance, one of the way to encourage users to keep track of their insurance.

New Policy

Users also can purchase new policies via Getcover app and payments can be made directly in-app too.

Insurer Contact

With insurer contacts, users can get in touch with related agents of the insurance with the app as the app also link those contacts to the policy.

Panel Workshop

Get cover have a directory listing of the closest workshops as well.

Redeem GC Rewards

Getcover rewards can also be redeemed in-app.

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