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Client: Sarang Baram Sdn Bhd
Year: 2017
Industry: Food & Beverage
Region: Malaysia


Le’Gua Cave Bird’s Nest Essence is made using the latest advancements in biotechnology from Malaysia.

The company sources their cave bird’s nest from Baram, Sarawak in East Malaysia, where some of the most premium bird’s nest are located. 


Start a new branding from scratch, which includes naming, logo creation and overall branding experience.

English & Mandarin brand name was required, because the company is exported to international market. Besides that, it has to be relevant to the product’s origin place.


CR8 has been proposed “LE’GUA” as the brand name. “GUA” is a Malay word which means cave in english, the origin place of where raw bird nest is collected from.

乐瑞雅(lè ruì yǎ) is the mandarin brand name for it. The mandarin pronunciation is not only similar with Le’Gua, but also have meaningful meanings, as 乐 = happiness, 瑞 = long life, 雅 = elegant, that sum off the benefits after consumed Le’Gua’s bird nest essence.

Brand Logo

The logo center around the shape of swiflet combined with a semi circle nest. This is to clearly state the nature of the product. We chose rose gold as the main colour gradation to show the premium attribute of the product and the its circular elegance to repurpose its target audiences.

Primary Logo

legua, logo, branding


The identity also extends to the stationery where we keep the gradient usage consistently to recreate the contours to align itself with the styling of the logo. The stationery, aside from the elaborate use of brand graphic, has in itself a rather clean design to refocus the theme back to its elegant approach.

legua, branding, letterhead


The packaging also adopts the same gradation and have the brand graphics on the contour seamlessly adopt into different media albeit having different treatment, they retains the same identity.

The brand graphic usage also make use of the contour as a frame for images or graphics.

legua, bird nest
legua, booklet
legua, branding, packaging

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