Juta Steel Rebranding Project




Client: Juta Steel Sdn Bhd
Year: 2021
Industry: Manufacturing
Region: Malaysia


Juta Steel with over 45 years of vast experience in the steel industry is a reliable one-stop steel roofing solutions supplier. Juta Steel aim for continuous growth, product diversification and organisational sustainability to support the market and their customers with high-quality products and services.


Juta Steel’s vision to be a reliable one-stop steel supplier but they were lack of corporate identities to instrumental in shaping people’s sentiments about their brand and products.


Establishing a consistent corporate brand identity and brand style guide helps to project Juta Steel as a trustworthy expert in steel manufacture industry.

Brand Logo

The initial letter ‘J’ mirrored in the logo icon is inspired from the shape of purlin section. It breaks through upper right corner of the orange rounded square convey growing upwards with endless possibilities. Logo typeface is design in angular shape symbolise the innovation and manufacturability. The combination of dark blue and orange represent professionalism, stability yet innovate.

Brand Graphic

Juta Steel logo icon as brand graphic visual usage. It can be used as a mask to mask various related imagery. All brand graphics must stick to right edge of artwork.

Foreground element

Background element

Solid colour


Establishing trust is an important part of attracting and maintaining clients. Stationery tells clients and potential clients that the business is professional and legitimate.

Product Catalogue

Product catalogue designed with product information and fully reflect Juta Steel’s branding. Using of brand colours, images, logos, and fonts to ensure brand consistency and solidify branding.


Employees wearing distinctive uniforms in the colors associated with the company can go a long way in establishing an impression in the mind of the consumer. Consistency in employee appearance can create a positive impression on the customer and contribute to projecting the corporate image.

Let’s create next great brand together!