Platform UI Design for Performance System


UI design

Character design

Badges design


Client: Celcom Genesis
Year: 2017
Industry: Mobile Telecommunications Provider
Region: Malaysia


Celcom Genesis is a system that keeps track of its employee’s performance and product understanding across their nationwide establishment. This reduces time to train and evaluate each and every employees. CR8 is tasked to design the Uset Interface of this platform.


The brand logo utilizes a simple logo type and an arrow pointing upwards as part of the G. This is a simple representation of simplicity and the nature of the platform to encourage improvements among employees as well as enhance employee management.

Website UI

Since this regards the welfare of employees, the client ask us to create something fun and friendly to gamify the evaluation so that the whole procedure does not seem like a chore but a challenge for the employee to complete.

We created a sci-fi environment as well as avatars the users can don and see the whole evaluation as something exciting and not dull forms employees fill day in and day out.


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